Row by Row - On the Go

No Fees - No Passports

The Row by Row Experience has ended, but we'll soon have kits available, if you would like to make our row!

Call the store at (734) 641-4970 for more information, or to pre-order a kit!

The Bits 'n Pieces On the Go - Off to Sew Row!

The Bits 'n Pieces Row for 2017 featuring a truck with a quilt putting a camper.

Our gorgeous row for the Quilt!

Stop by our store to get our kit! It's just $19.95 and includes the pattern, fabric, embellishments and custom printed fabric for the quilt, tires, windows and signs.  Everything you need to perfectly duplicate our 8" x 36" finished size row!

You can buy as many kits as you like, and the mini quilt is darling!

License Plate Panel

We also have license plate panels! Show everyone what stores you visited to make your Row by Row quilt.

The Panel is 7.25" x 3.5", 100% organic sateen cotton!

Mitten Made 2017 License Plate Panel

For more information, call Bits 'n Pieces at (734) 641-4970
Or to find out more about the Experience,  go to